A recent TDR case involved a customer denying responsibility for over $4000 worth of 0900 calls that appeared on her telephone account. These were a surprise and concern, coming mostly from psychic and astrological services, the kind of service the customer could not condone due to personal and religious beliefs.

The telecommunications provider had arranged an investigation and confirmed that the 0900 calls had indeed emanated from the customer’s home telephone.

Through the mediation process of TDR, the telecommunications provider was able to not only forward the customer with names associated with some of these numbers but also an 0800 number which enabled the customer to carry out her own investigative work without clocking up more expensive calls.

The outcome was that the telecommunications provider was correct. It was disappointing for the customer to discover that a young relative was responsible for the 0900 calls during a period when she had been a guest. Fortunately, the relative’s father was able to come to the rescue and paid the account in full. The customer was apologetic and grateful for the service.