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Sometimes Kiwis are reluctant to make a complaint. You might be worried about making a fuss, or simply think it’s in the ‘too hard basket’. You might even be surprised to hear an organisation say they want you to complain.

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) wants New Zealanders to know that it’s ok to complain.

It’s really important that you let your provider know if you have concerns or experience an issue. They can’t fix it if they don’t know! In fact, you might also be helping others by speaking up.

“If you experience a problem, know that it is ok to complain and to ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed if you think your issue is small or you can’t fix it yourself, that’s normal - you are not alone,” says Jeanie Robinson from TDR.

If you continue to have issues with your provider, TDR is just a phone call, online message or email away.

You don’t have to go it alone, explains Jeanie - “If you can’t work through things together, if the issue remains unresolved or even if you simply want a hand raising your complaint with the telco, talk to TDR. Our service is free, so give us a try. A little help from TDR can make all the difference!”

Customers also might not like how their telecommunications provider has been managing their complaint up until that point also – that’s often when TDR will get involved and help find a resolution.

Whether it’s a broadband, mobile and home phone issue, it’s free to resolve your complaint with TDR. It’s easy too - most cases coming to TDR are quickly resolved allowing you to get back to normal soon.

Since 2007 TDR has helped over 20,000 consumers to resolve disputes. In May 2022 alone, 289 people got in touch with TDR. So we know it’s ok to complain!


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