Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) has been supporting Kiwis to resolve their home phone, mobile and internet complaints since 2007 and we’ve had some great results along the way. We’re excited to announce the launch of the new look TDR, a new website and our upcoming campaign to help increase awareness of our service.

TDR brand

TDR logo

Our first step was to review our brand and visual identity to ensure TDR is portrayed as open, approachable, and modern. Communication is the key to resolving conflict, and our new logo reflects this.

Supporting the brand is a new vibrant colour palette and a minimalistic pattern created from two faces. The focus is on people, their emotion, and their journey to satisfaction as a dispute is resolved.


Our new look website launched today. The focus is on consumers and supporting them to resolve issues when they arise. It’s simple to navigate, clear and concise, and makes it easy for a customer to check if we can help and to make a complaint. 


It's ok to complain - TDR ad static image

To increase awareness of the TDR scheme and overcome some of the barriers consumers face in accessing dispute resolution services, we have designed TDR’s upcoming campaign around the key message that ‘it is ok to complain’ and the campaign will normalise this behaviour by sharing some of the common complaints TDR deals with. From 2 May, keep an eye out for our commercials and radio ads!