Internet issues can be extremely frustrating. We use it to study, to work, to stream the latest show, game with friends and video call loved ones.

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) assists over 3,000 Kiwis each year who have unresolved complaints with their home phone, mobile and internet providers. We understand that when things go wrong, it can have a big impact.

What can I do?

Internet issues can be caused by your hardware and often they can be quickly fixed by taking some simple steps. We recommend checking your home set-up:

  • Have a look to see if they have power (if the lights are on)
  • Check that any cords or cables are properly connected
  • Power off your modem (the box that connects your home to the internet) and leave it turned off for a minute, then turn it back on and see if that clears the issue
  • Restart your router (the devices linked to your modem that create a network for your home).

If you think it might be a connection issue, you can:

  • Check you are connected to the right network using the WiFi symbol on your device
  • Try accessing the internet from another device
  • See if the signal gets better moving to another area of the house.

These simple tricks often solve the problem for many customers. However, if your issue persists and you can’t fix it yourself, you should contact your internet service provider (ISP). Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help or to ask questions. Your provider will likely walk you through some steps over the phone to see what the problem might be and how it can be fixed.


If the issue remains unresolved and you need some help to work it through with your provider, TDR may be able to assist. We provide a free and independent service to help consumers resolve disputes with their telecommunications provider. TDR is just a phone call, online message or email away.

TDR can consider complaints about any service or product from phone and internet providers who are a member of TDR. Although, we can’t accept complaints about a phone or internet provider's network coverage (except where the network coverage received differs from the available coverage indicated during the sales process).

Our first step is to help you sort it out together. We’ll listen and then let your provider know about your complaint so they can work with you to resolve it. Most matters are resolved during this step. If needed, our next step is to find a solution through conversation (facilitation) or to help you collaborate and reach an agreement (mediation). TDR can also make a decision on the matter (adjudication).

What our customers say

Here is a selection of feedback from consumers who contacted TDR to help resolve their dispute with an internet service provider (ISP):

“Prior to contacting TDR, I didn't have a dedicated person assigned at my ISP. This meant every time I had a problem, I had to call the call centre, which has wait times between 20 mins and 1 hour 30 minutes to get through to speak to a human. And then when I spoke to a human, they were usually nice but turns out they ignored most of the details of the things I was telling them. After contacting TDR, the ISP assigned someone to oversee my case and I could use email rather than the call centre. This was way less stressful for me. They also reviewed the records of all my numerous calls, and it became clear that 3 months of the 5-month delay was due to actions/inaction by call centre staff … (the ISP) has given me some credit to recognise the delays that were due to their staff actions.”

“I got a good result from my broadband provider. I don’t think I would have got that if I didn’t lodge a complaint. Also checking back and making sure it was resolved was good.”

“The TDR staff member was very good at explaining the steps in the process & my options. Plus there was a lot of information on the TDR website that helped me to understand before I spoke to anyone. Finally, my ISP was aware of TDR and the processes so acted promptly after TDR contacted them.”

“I was having zero luck with my … issue, after a month of no help or resolution and no internet access, I was directed to take my issue further. After I made the complaint (to TDR), the issue was finally taken seriously and resolved.” 

“I feel supported by the TDR, the person that attended me was very kind. I was overwhelmed by the chaotic situation created by my internet provider.”

How to get in touch

Whether it’s a broadband, mobile and home phone billing issue, it’s free to resolve your complaint with TDR. It’s easy too – you can contact us online, by email or by phone – and we’ll start working with you and your provider.

Free phone: 0508 98 98 98


Online: Use our online form