Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) is a service to help when New Zealanders have a complaint about their mobiles, home phones or internet.

Whether it’s a billing issue, customer service complaint or something else, you can talk to the TDR team. We’re here to help.


The purpose of TDR is to resolve disputes between consumers and their phone or internet provider.

TDR has been resolving telecommunications complaints since 2007, when it was established by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF). It is now operated by the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Limited (TDRL).  



The TDR scheme is governed by the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Limited (TDRL) Board. The TDRL Constitution sets out that the TDRL Board consists of an independent chair, three consumer representatives and three industry scheme representatives.

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Governance - TDR Limited


The day-to-day operations of TDR are managed by the TDR Scheme Agent, who is an independent party appointed by TDRL to operate the Scheme in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Fair Way, a specialist conflict management and dispute resolution organisation, has been the TDR Scheme Agent since 2007.  As Scheme Agent, Fair Way operates TDR and manages TDR’s experienced and dedicated Resolution Facilitators and Resolution Practitioners who help resolve complaints and disputes.

TDR deals with disputes under a Commission Code (meaning the 111 Contact Code, a Commission RSQ Code and the Copper Withdrawal Code) and any industry RSQ code as required by s 247 of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (you can find more about these under Standards & Compliance on the TCF website) .

It is free for consumers to access the TDR service under each of the codes.

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TDR can resolve complaints about products and services from TDR members.

TDR members represent the majority of telecommunications providers in New Zealand (servicing over 95% of telecommunications consumers). TDR membership is mandatory for TCF members and voluntary for other telecommunications providers.

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