Complaint summary

A small business customer approached TDR to dispute various charges applied to their account between May 2019 to October 2021. A request had also been made to disconnect various landline numbers, but they continued to be active.

The Provider had applied credit where they felt was applicable but believes the Customer never made sufficient confirmation to disconnect the landline service.

Jurisdiction decision

This complaint was deemed not within jurisdiction for the following reasons. The Customer asked the scheme member to disconnect a service in 2019. However, the complainant continued to be charged for this service through 2019 and beyond. It was not until 2021 that the complainant sought to resolve this. TDR cannot consider complaints if the complaint is not made to TDR within 12 months of the Customer’s initial discovery of the matter being complained about (clause 17.10.4 of Customer Complaints Code). The complainant would have been aware or should have been aware of the disputed charges well outside the 12 months required for a complaint to be made to TDR. Therefore, TDR had no jurisdiction to consider this complaint.