Joshua* arranged for fibre to be installed at his property and replace his copper service.

When the installers arrived, they were unable to find an existing duct that could be used to run the fibre cable. Instead, the cable was pinned along the underside of a fence with the final section ducted underground and run into the house.

Joshua complained as there was an existing underground duct that could have been used to run the entire cable. He noted that a different installer had confirmed the existing duct that could have been used. Joshua was also concerned that the exposed cable was at risk of being damaged by the elements or accidentally.

He was unable to resolve the issue with his telecommunications provider and the local fibre company (LFC) that installed the cable, so Joshua contacted TDR.  TDR talked to him about how the installation occurred, his concerns about the exposed cable, and also his experience with both the provider and the LFC about the issue.

A Resolution Practitioner was assigned to the case and mediation was arranged for Joshua, his provider and the LFC. During the mediation, TDR helped the parties to explore the issue, understand their different positions and explore alternatives.

Through these discussions, an agreement was made between Joshua and the LFC. The LFC agreed to meet Joshua at his house and work with him to locate the existing duct. If a useable duct was located, the LFC agreed to reroute the existing cable through that duct at no cost to the customer.

The complaint was resolved and TDR was subsequently advised by the customer that the fibre was successfully installed underground.

* Names have been changed.