Richard signed up for a two-year contract with his telecommunications provider.

Very early in the contract, Richard was dissatisfied with his connection. Having raised the issue with his telecommunications provider multiple times, he had enough of their “broken promises.” The connection did not improve despite several months passing from his initial complaint and he was not impressed by their customer service.

Richard had enough and decided to leave however he was stung with an Early Termination Fee as he was only one-year into a two-year contract. Richard disputed the Early Termination Fee, stating that his provider had failed to honour the contract noting specific clauses that promised good and efficient service.

Richard was unable to reach an agreement on the Early Termination Fee with his telecommunications provider, so he submitted a complaint to TDR. A TDR Resolution Practitioner was assigned to assist. The Resolution Practitioner looked into the complaint and spoke at length with Richard and his provider. The Resolution Practitioner facilitated communication through the process of 'shuttle communication' between the two. The Resolution Practitioner also helped to ‘reality test’ the points raised by each side, to analyse their situations and clarify their actions to date.

Through this process, the telecommunications provider eventually acknowledged failings on their part, and sent Richard a written apology. After this, Richard and the telecommunications provider were able to come to an amicable settlement on the Early Termination Fee and the complaint was resolved.