Complaint summary

While the Customer was raising a complaint to their Provider about their bill, the Provider noticed their broadband connection should not have been allowed at their rural address. It was sold to them in error. The Provider gave the customer a letter to advise their connection would be cancelled in 30 days. This distressed the customer as the internet was vital to their family. They asked if the Provider could wait until an alternative network had been connected before cancelling. The Provider believed they could not continue the use of this service any longer because of the disruption to the area. They also felt this complaint was out of TDR’s jurisdiction as it related to network coverage.

Jurisdiction decision

This complaint was deemed within jurisdiction as it was largely about customer service and expectations, and is a complaint that TDR can accept for mediation/adjudication under the Customer Complaints Code (the Code).  The Provider suggested this complaint was outside the Code; under clause 18.1.6. as it related to the extent of network coverage. That type of complaint is outside the scope of the Code. However, the basis of this complaint, as noted above, is about customer service. It is about whether the Provider has met its obligations in terms of the principles outlined in the Code, in particular clause 5 which includes:

  • Providers will treat Customers with respect and in a fair and courteous manner at all times
  • All information given to the Customer will be accurate, up-to-date and in plain English, acknowledging telecommunications technology is fast moving and complex
  • Providers will be clear in their communications to Customers
  • Providers will deliver on promises.