Will* took advantage of a deal where as well as landline and broadband services, he also received mobile phones at a discounted price. He ordered three phones on his account for himself and two family members.

Will began to experience billing and service issues which were not resolved to his satisfaction. After eight months of this, he decided to cancel and change to a new provider.

The previous provider acknowledged the issues that had occurred and agreed to wipe all early termination fees however the cost of the phones would remain, and payment was requested. Will received a significant bill for the outstanding amount owed for the three phones.

Will suggested that the provider offer him a separate discount for the phones considering the previous issues, however as the waived early termination fees were of a high value the provider declined further discounts and payment in full was again requested.

Will got in touch with TDR and the complaint proceeded to mediation with a Resolution Practitioner.

The Resolution Practitioner helped Will to clarify his position and desired resolution, and the provider acknowledged his experience. Discussions with the provider led to an offer to reduce the cost of the phones by the amount of time the phones were connected to the providers network. This amount was calculated, and Will subsequently accepted the offer.


* Names have been changed.