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Mon 30 Nov 2020
In 2020 telecommunications played a bigger role in lives than ever before. With the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown periods, we heavily relied on our phones to connect, work and play. Even before the pandemic, we adopted new digital ways of doing things. Thinking back to the latter part of 2019, many households streamed Rugby World Cup games online. Now, more than ever, we depend on telecommunication services.
Thu 5 Nov 2020
Are you the type of person that is interested in creating an environment where all your devices interact seamlessly with each other and are interconnected? Do you have the knowledge to create your own ecosystem? This article will help outline some of the key ideas you will need to think about when you start building your smart home.
Thu 22 Oct 2020
Thu 15 Oct 2020
We are in the age of superfast internet and once it is delivered to your home new versions of ‘Wireless Fidelity’ will allow you to access those speeds wirelessly. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of Wi-Fi technology available.

What is it and how is it different from another Wi-Fi?
Wed 7 Oct 2020
The TDR scheme is mandatory for Telecommunications Forum (TCF) members and voluntary for non-TCF members. The TDR scheme covers most telecommunications providers in New Zealand (over 95% by revenue share). Here are some stats that will inform you about our industry at this moment in time (the statistics below are from January to June 2020).
Thu 1 Oct 2020
With over 3.5 billion smartphone users and 4.5 billion mobile phone users overall, 60% of the world’s population have mobile phones. With over 7.8 billion people in the world there are 10 billion mobile connections (communications between a mobile device and a cell tower), more than people in the world. Securing your mobile device is extremely important, as most of us have one and use it everyday. 
Thu 24 Sep 2020
Often overlooked, your computer is a crucial part of your security plan. Sometimes even the smallest tweak to your laptop, desktop computer or tablet can be the difference between your security being compromised or not.

Install antivirus software
Thu 17 Sep 2020
In the second article in our security tips series, we take you through some of the do’s and don’ts of social media channels. In this article we discuss everything from fake profiles, security settings, login information and more.
Thu 10 Sep 2020
This is the first article in a series of weekly security tips for telecommunications users. First up are general tips for using the internet. 

Enable multi-factor authentication/two-factor authentication (MFA & 2FA)
Thu 27 Aug 2020
Updated 31 August Alert Level 2 TDR remains open for business. You can continue to get in touch with our team as usual – by phone, email and using our online forms We can use videoconferencing and online meeting platforms to deliver our services All planned mediations and adjudications will proceed.     Visiting TDR While we are at Alert Level 2, we ask any visitors to be mindful of the public health requirements.