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Wed 12 Aug 2020
Updated 12 August 2020 TDR remains open for business throughout New Zealand.  While at Alert Level 3, the TDR team in Auckland will be working from home and delivering services through our virtual office. The rest of the country is now at Alert Level 2.   What does this mean?
Thu 6 Aug 2020
This article outlines how to recognise scams, identifies common types of scams targeting internet and phone users, gives some tips on how to deal with them and who to contact
Thu 30 Jul 2020
Here are some answers to the questions you may have about 5G in New Zealand at the moment. 
Thu 14 May 2020

At Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR), the wellbeing of our people and customers is a priority for us so we are continuing to closely monitor the official guidance around COVID-19.  Alert Level 2  At Alert Level 2, businesses are encouraged to use alternative ways of working if possible, so some TDR team members will continue working home while others will begin returning to the office from Monday 18 May.    
Tue 28 Apr 2020
Updated 28 April 2020  TDR remains open for business at Alert Level 3.   Since the initial lockdown, the TDR team have been working from home and delivering services through our virtual office.  What does a virtual office mean? 
Mon 23 Mar 2020
Like you, we have been preparing for the situation that has just been announced.  In doing so we have been developing our working from home capability and completing the creation of our virtual office. 
Wed 12 Feb 2020
Telco complaints on the increase in 2019 While most New Zealanders have no complaints about their telecommunications services, as a consumer it is reassuring to know that an independent service is there to assist if you do. Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) is a free and independent service for broadband, home phone and mobile customers. Our purpose is to help consumers who have complaints about their telecommunications provider to swiftly and effectively resolve disputes.
Mon 13 Jan 2020
Do you have someone authorised on your telco account?  If so, this is known as an Account Authority.  Do you know what they can do and what they can’t do?  A recent TDR case study highlighted what can go wrong with an Account Authority.
Wed 18 Dec 2019

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) will be closed from 25 December 2019 - 5 January 2020. TDR will re-open as normal at 8am on Monday 6 January 2020. During this period, you can still make a complaint about your landline, mobile or internet provider using the TDR Complaint Form and send us a general enquiry using the Contact Us form.
Annual reports
Thu 5 Dec 2019
Telecommunications services are fully ingrained into every aspect of our lives, both at work and at play. We have high expectations for those services. If there is an issue, we expect a remedy. If we need to raise a complaint about those services, someone should be there to listen and to act. At TDR, we hear those complaints. Our role is to help those customers reach a resolution.