TDR can assist with complaints about your bill.

Types of billing complaints

We deal with, but are not limited to, complaints about billing where the customer:

  • is not receiving regular bills
  • does not believe the bill accurately portrays charges
  • does not believe a credit or adjustment has been applied
  • has asked for a statement but not received one or is unable to access a statement
  • is unhappy with the methods available to pay their bills
  • has received backdated charges for services used some time ago.

Scheme Member obligations

Scheme Members should ensure billing accuracy and if an error occurs, must use reasonable efforts to correct the error in a timely manner

Scheme Members have obligations and duties under the following:

TDR’s view of the issue

If there is a query with a bill, the Customer may dispute the bill with the Scheme Member.

Where there is a disputed bill or part of a disputed bill the Code notes that a Scheme Member must not demand payment of genuinely disputed amounts whilst the Complaint is being investigated.

Scheme Members should make all reasonable efforts to ensure billing accuracy and if an error occurs, Scheme Members should make reasonable efforts to correct any billing inaccuracies in a timely manner

Scheme Member invoices should set out the billing period.

Fixed and variable charges should be set out separately on the bill unless it is agreed between the Customer and the Scheme Member that the bill is to be presented differently.

Dealing with the complaint

When we deal with complaints about billing, we consider the law, relevant applicable Codes, and fairness in all the circumstances.

We may ask for information from both the Customer and the Scheme Member. This may include but is not limited to:

  • the terms and conditions for the product to which the billing relates
  • copies of bills
  • customer contact records to ascertain agreed credits
  • raw call data.


When a Scheme Member is not billing correctly, we expect the Scheme Member to address the error promptly with their Customer.

Outcomes may include re-issuing bills correctly, waiving delayed charges or fees, or providing the Customer with a reasonable payment plan to pay large invoices.