The customer’s frustrations began in July when they contacted their provider to change to a different Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or ‘fibre box’ on the same property.

During the change process, several issues began to arise. These included delays with the change, the provider sending communications regarding the change to an incorrect address, and the customer having to answer the same questions multiple times to different representatives during the process.

The provider acknowledged that the customer was frustrated and had been inconvenienced. They offered a $50 goodwill credit which was accepted by the customer. However, when the customer received their August invoice, they were unable to identify the goodwill credit on the invoice so they contacted TDR for assistance.

TDR engaged with their provider, who confirmed that the change had been completed and that credits had been applied to the customer’s account.  The provider explained that the invoice included a reimbursement for charges for the inactive connection, a credit for the early termination fee and the $50.00 goodwill credit.

The provider identified that the $50.00 goodwill payment was combined with the reimbursement and early termination credits.  These payments were incorrectly noted on the invoice as a total payment under the description ‘Credit for late payment fee’.

It was understandable that the customer questioned whether the credits had been applied, due to the seemingly complicated invoice and the line-item errors.  However, with the support of TDR and clarification from the provider, the customer was able to understand the invoice.  The customer was satisfied that the provider had in fact applied the credits.