Susie* decided it was time for a new broadband service. She talked with a telco about what was involved and also discovered that she could have both broadband and mobile phone services with the same provider. This sounded like a great idea to her! 

Susie thought that she was getting a bundled service—i.e., one where there are multiple services through one account and contract. However, in this case, Susie signed separate contracts with different terms for broadband and mobile. 

A year later, Susie didn’t feel like she was getting a good deal, given that she’d had problems with her broadband and didn’t feel as though she’d gotten good service. She decided to switch providers. However, Susie didn’t advise her telco that she wished to terminate both her broadband and her mobile services. Further, she continued to use the mobile service for several months but had stopped paying the bill. 

After being sent notices from a debt collection agency, Susie contacted TDR for help. When Susie and her telco couldn’t resolve the issue collaboratively, TDR’s practitioner made a decision on the complaint. The practitioner considered that there had been some communication from Susie that certainly indicated that she was unhappy and that she considered herself an ex-customer. However, Susie had continued to use the mobile service until the account was suspended for non-payment. On that basis, the practitioner dismissed the complaint.

This name has been changed