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Tue 27 Sep 2016
Telecommunications services have become a key staple of modern life. As consumers, we expect fast, ubiquitous access to the internet that allows us to get on with our digitally-connected lives. The New Zealand telecommunications industry invests at one of the highest rates of the OECD; and is increasingly competitive on both price and quality compared to other countries. The industry provides world class fixed line and mobile services and is in the middle of a major roll-out of UFB services and facing unprecedented demand for these services.
Wed 27 Jul 2016
TDR attended the Consumer Rights Day on 26 May 2016. The event was run by the Consumer Protection team, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This day brought together speakers from government, ombudsmen schemes and organisations that deal with complaints from people when they have a problem with different kinds of services. We gave a brief overview of TDR and answered questions about what TDR may be able to assist consumers with. For more information, download the slideshow below.
Thu 21 Jul 2016
TDR launched a two-week advertising campaign in the CBD of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch at the end of July. Visit the following link for more photos.
Wed 6 Jan 2016
The Minor’s Contract Act 1969 sets out the rules relating to contracting with people less than 18 years of age.
Wed 25 Nov 2015
The relationship between the TDR Scheme Member and its customer is a contractual relationship.
TDR Newsletter
Tue 29 Sep 2015
The TDR Newsletter Issue 11 is now available.
Annual reports
Mon 28 Sep 2015
TDR's 2015 Annual Report is available to download as a PDF document.
Tue 4 Aug 2015
The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum Customer Complaints Code sets out Service Standards.
Customer Service Issues.pdf (pdf, 248.29 KB)
TDR Newsletter
Wed 22 Jul 2015
The TDR Newsletter Issue 10 is now available.
Mon 6 Jul 2015
If your mobile phone is lost or misplaced, someone else may be able to use it and incur costs on your account.