A customer and their provider were in a dispute about the full and final amount required to clear the customer’s account upon termination of their contract. The amount in dispute could not easily be explained and as a result, the customer contacted TDR.

TDR may determine a complaint is deadlocked if the complaint was raised by the customer to their service provider six weeks prior to contacting TDR, or if the complaint is still unresolved 15 working days after TDR has informed the service provider of the complaint, whichever comes first. When determining deadlock, TDR will consider the complexity of the issue, the desired resolution, and whether an escalation in the complaint will assist in the resolution of the complaint. TDR determined that this dispute had reached deadlock and proceeded with the resolution process.

A TDR practitioner was assigned, and they determined that the disputed charge was indeed difficult to explain and confirm why it had been applied to the customer’s account. The practitioner dug further into the disputed charge and reviewed the provider’s reasoning and was then able to conclude that the charge did apply to the customer’s account.

The practitioner was able to explain to the customer why this charge occurred, how it was demonstrated on their invoicing, and that this aligned with the terms and conditions of their plan. The customer accepted the practitioner’s findings and understood that they were required to repay the amount.

The TDR practitioner then assisted the customer and provider to negotiate the terms of payment for this amount. They agreed on arrangements for it to be paid on an amended payment plan term that was suitable for both parties.