Who can make a complaint

Before making a complaint, check that it's something TDR can help you with.

You can contact TDR if you have a:

  • complaint about a service or product from a TDR scheme member
  • disagreement with a retail landline service provider about a vulnerable consumer’s ability to contact emergency services in a power cut
  • dispute with a telecommunications service provider about their responsibilities when withdrawing copper services from an area.

There are, however, a few limits on what is covered:

  • The person making the complaint must be the account holder, or authorised to make a complaint on that person's behalf.
  • All complaints must have been made with the telecommunications company first, before they come to TDR.
  • TDR cannot deal with a telecommunications company's Government or Business/Corporate clients.
  • TDR can deal with complaints that involve claims for $15,000 or less, including compensation for direct loss.

Before making a complaint - list of TDR members

Before TDR can consider your complaint, you must have made a formal complaint to your telecommunications retailer (including where the complaint relates to services provided by a wholesale member) and given them the opportunity to resolve the issue. If you have come to the end of your telecommunications company’s complaints process and your complaint has not been resolved, or it has been six weeks or more since you first contacted them and you still don’t have a resolution you are happy with, then TDR may be able to help. Your telecommunications company may provide you with a deadlock number, or a reference number, which you can include when you complain to TDR. If you have not yet made your complaint to your telecommunications company, you can get in touch with them now by clicking on the links below.

If your complaint relates to the 111 Contact Code or the Copper Withdrawal Code, your first step should be to contact your provider. If, after five days you don’t believe the dispute has been resolved satisfactorily, TDR can assist. 

Telecommunications retailers


Wholesale members