The Code and Terms of Reference

Scheme Members agree to be bound by Customer Complaints Code and the Terms of Reference.

All Scheme Members sign the Customer Complaints Code. This means the service is independent of any one particular company, because it is equally binding on all the companies involved. The full Customer Complaints Code document can be viewed as a PDF. You will need Adobe Reader to read the downloaded file. This is free software that you can download from the Adobe website.

The purpose of the Code is:

  1. To improve Scheme Members' internal complaints resolution processes to assist with early resolution of customer complaints.
  2. To increase customer confidence in the industry by establishing appropriate standards of practice that apply consistently across the industry.
  3. To ensure that customers have access to an effective independent dispute resolution mechanism to address issues where the customer is not satisfied with the outcome from their Scheme Member’s internal complaints handling or dispute resolution process in relation to a customer complaint.
  4. To facilitate the resolution of customer complaints relating to telecommunications services in New Zealand through practices that are fair and equitable and are consistent with the purposes and provisions of the Telecommunications Act (2001) and any of its current or future amendments.

Customers and Scheme Members must follow the processes set out in the Code for the resolution of a customer complaint, before a customer can take the complaint to TDR.

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) Scheme is the document that sets out how the TDR Scheme works. It applies to the telecommunications companies that have joined the Scheme, the Governing Council, and the Scheme Agent managing the scheme, FairWay Resolution Limited (Fair Way). You will need Adobe Reader to read the downloaded file. This is free software available from the Adobe website.