Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Industry Facts & Figures 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The TDR scheme is mandatory for Telecommunications Forum (TCF) members and voluntary for non-TCF members. The TDR scheme covers most telecommunications providers in New Zealand (over 95% by revenue share). Here are some stats that will inform you about our industry at this moment in time (the statistics below are from January to June 2020). We cover everything from the things that are most complained about to the key points of interest that we think are worth sharing.  

1,234 Kiwis had their matter resolved or closed with some assistance from TDR in the first half of 2020

A memorable number of Kiwis have already called, emailed or filled-out an online form with us and we have responded to them and/or their provider to resolve their complaint.

After contacting TDR, over 90% of complaints and enquiries are resolved without intervention by TDR

Only 2% cases required our staff to step-in and just 8% of cases were not able to be dealt with by us (complaint wasn’t relevant, withdrawn, TDR did not have jurisdiction or the complainant’s provider was not a member of TDR). When a customer contacts TDR about their home phone, mobile or broadband provider, we record this as a complaint or enquiry that has been ‘received.’ TDR will then assist the customer and their provider. We keep track of their progress, and record when the complaint or enquiry has been ‘resolved or closed.’ In any reporting period, there is often a difference between the numbers of complaints or enquiries ‘received’ compared to ‘resolved or closed’ as these progress through the TDR process.

Of the 23 complaints that required formal intervention by TDR, over half were resolved by settlement.

Complaints were settled by TDR facilitators or mediators, meaning that before TDR had to decide, the consumer and their telecommunications provider were able to collaboratively resolve the complaint with assistance from TDR. Of the remaining 11 complaints, one was upheld in the complainant’s favour, four were partially upheld and six were not upheld or dismissed.

Our most common complaint and enquiry was related to customer service

With 40% or 499 complaints, customer service was complained about the most in the first half of the year. Second with 30% or 373, were complaints about billing while in a distant third was credit management with 7% or 92 complaints. Contrary to previous years customer service complaints have overtaken billing as the most common complaint received by TDR.

What is TDR and what do we do?
TDR stands for ‘Telecommunications Dispute Resolution’ a free and independent service that helps consumers manage complaints about any product or service from their telecommunications provider. We resolve complaints about landline, mobile and internet issues.

Why are we sharing this?
We decided to do a blog to inform people about the trending topics happening in the telecommunications industry, as well as sharing our knowledge of disputes in the sector.