TDR Annual Report 2017/18

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Over 2,000 complaints enquiries received by Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR).These numbers are relatively static compared to the increased in demand for broadband services.

We consumed over 280 million gigabytes of broadband data in New Zealand in June 2018, which on average was 150 gigabytes of data per broadband connection. According to Statistics New Zealand, “this is equivalent to streaming 60 hours of high-definition TV online, or watching all seven seasons of Game of Thrones back to back.” Going back only four years to 2014 — when a significant proportion of customers had 20 gigabyte monthly data caps — shows how quickly technology and demand can change.

When things do not go to plan, a consumer complaint can occur. We are here to help.

Within the complaints enquiries received, there were two significant customer service statistics. Complaints and enquiries related to sales tactics rose by 220%. To put this into context, in 2016-17, TDR received 41 complaints enquiries related to sales tactics; TDR receive 131 complaints enquiries about the same thing in 2017-18. Complaints and enquiries about installation issues (including both broadband and fixed line) decreased by 69%. To put this into context, in 2016-17, TDR received 64 complaints enquiries related to installation issues; TDR received 20 complaints enquiries in 2017-18 about the same thing.

In 2017/18, the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution service (TDR) dealt with 2,269 complaint enquiries which is consistent with the previous year. 97% of the enquiries (2,199), did not result in formal complaints to TDR, up from 94% the previous year. This means that in most of those complaints, the telecommunications provider resolved the issue with the consumer directly. Many consumers reported that just making the enquiry to TDR, which TDR then escalates with the provider, resulted in them in getting their issue resolved quickly.

However, there will always be complaints that need outside assistance through TDR’s formal resolution process. Seventy complaints went through TDR’s formal process, up from 53 complaints the previous year. Approximately half of those complaints (36) were resolved collaboratively by TDR’s mediators and facilitators. The other half (34) were resolved by formal adjudication. Most issues resolved at formal adjudication were about specific terms of consumer contracts.

Consumers continue to value their experience with TDR, which reflects well not only on TDR staff and processes, but the telecommunications providers who respond promptly to the complaint enquiries received by TDR. We maintained a very high net promoter score (the likelihood that someone would recommend TDR) of +78; a significant increase over the previous year’s score of +67, which was also very high.

More information on TDR and the cases we see is available in our Annual Report. To find out more about TDR visit or freephone 0508 98 98 98.

TDR Annual Report

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About TDR

Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) is a free, independent service to help consumers with complaints about their telecommunications provider.

TDR helps consumers to progress their complaint with the telco or can intervene directly when a customer and their telco cannot resolve the issue.

Established in 2007 by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum, TDR can help resolve complaints from residential and small business (less than 20 full-time employees) customers of our scheme members.

TDR is operated by FairWay Resolution Limited, New Zealand’s largest specialist conflict management company, with a team of over 200 people throughout New Zealand.

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