High TDR Customer Satisfaction rates continue through 2009

Thursday, March 25, 2010

If a friend had a similar problem to yours, would you recommend they use TDR?

The survey was completed by more that 200 people who used the TDR service during 2009.

The customers were also asked questions about the attitude and knowledge of TDR staff and more than 90% of people, on both questions, rated the service they had received as either excellent or good.

Attitude of Staff

Knowledge of Staff

Respondents were also asked if they thought the process was fair and impartial and 93% said it was (up from 86% in 2008):

The overall process was fair and impartial

Overall, 95% of people were satisfied with how their complaint was handled (up from 90% in 2008):

Overall how do you feel about the way your complaint was handled by us?