Diversified Technology Ecosystems – Creating a Smart Home

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Are you the type of person that is interested in creating an environment where all your devices interact seamlessly with each other and are interconnected? Do you have the knowledge to create your own ecosystem? This article will help outline some of the key ideas you will need to think about when you start building your smart home.

A diversified technology ecosystem combines the people, technology and platforms together to create a harmonious environment in which all thrive. Companies have been creating technology ecosystems to create apps that connect and interact with each other, building a software ecosystem for both its business and its customers. With the latest developments, you too can harness technology to create your own ecosystem, taking advantage of some company’s business models, creating a smart home or a business idea of your own.

Do you have the technology to create an ecosystem? There are numerous smart devices (programmed to perform one task with no network connectivity needed) or smart connected devices (remotely controlled or monitored via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). To create an ecosystem, these are inter-connected using an IOT (Internet of things) device, which can control all these devices (think a Universal remote for smart home technology or even your smartphone controlling your smart home). Here are some examples of smart technology or devices that you can link together to create your ecosystem:

These are specifically designed systems that combine the previous elements of people, technology and software to link-up your ecosystem. These are designed specifically to link-up all your apps to be controlled by one specific piece of technology.

The Future
Will we all have smart homes in the future? Will we live in smart cities that are all controlled by technology and will we all seamlessly fit into one large diversified technology ecosystem? Perhaps our devices and our homes will be part of a greater smart workforce, where factories produce our data. It remains to be seen.

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