Customer Satisfaction 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Overall, the results are positive, however they are a little less impressive than in the past and this is generally a result of changes to the research methodology this year.

Having previously relied on customers to voluntarily complete and return paper-based surveys, our independent market research company, MM Research, now contacts customers directly by phone. This helps us capture more customers who may have been disinclined to voluntarily complete and send in a questionnaire in the past, e.g. those who were less than happy with the TDR service or the outcome of their dispute.

A change in the way cases are being classified by TDR has similarly affected the research results. Some satisfied customers, previously assisted at level 1, are now classified as non-relevant enquiries (NREs). The telephone surveying only includes customers whose disputes are closed at levels 1 through 4, and therefore the experiences of those helped earlier, at NRE level, are therefore no longer being reflected in this research.

Research methodology may be further adapted in the future to ensure the results provide a complete and accurate picture, and are as helpful as possible to the development of the TDR service.

TDR staff are knowledgeable about the dispute resolution process

TDR staff were available when you needed them

Overall, you are satisfied with the way TDR staff dealt with your complaint

The outcome of the dispute resolution process was clearly communicated to you

Overall, you are satisfied with the TDR dispute resolution process

How likely is it that you would recommend a friend use TDR if they had a problem with a telecommunication company?