Conversant joins Telecommunication Dispute Resolution scheme media release

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Conversant, a leading developer and provider of cloud communications services, has joined the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution scheme.

TDR is a free, independent service that helps consumers with complaints about their telecommunications company. Participation in the scheme is voluntary for telecommunications providers.

Being part of the scheme gives Conversant customers added peace of mind, says managing director Cameron Beattie.

“TDR provides our customers with access to independent support should they not be entirely happy with our services,” says Beattie.

“Joining the scheme means our customers can have full confidence both in the services and support we offer, as well as in the processes and systems we have in place to deal with complaints from customers.”

Conversant decided to join the scheme after launching C-Net, a broadband service for customers of its cloud-hosted call management system.

“With our entry into the broadband market, we’ve essential become an ISP. It therefore made sense for Conversant to join the TDR scheme,” says Beattie.

TDR Scheme Director Derek Pullen has welcomed Conversant joining the programme.

“We are pleased to add another communications provider into the fold,” he says.

“Since the TDR service is only available to customers of member companies, Conversant customers can rest assured they are now covered by the services the scheme offers.

“Member companies agree to comply with our Customer Complaints Code and to be bound by the decisions made by TDR. Conversant customers can now also enjoy the benefits of those assurances.”

Beattie says he is in favour of a service like the TDR as it reduces the need for Government regulation in the telecommunications industry.

“While there is a need for some regulation in certain aspects of the industry, the TDR is a great example of how we can also self-regulate,” he says.