Complaints made to TDR by someone other than the telecommunications account holder

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The relationship between the TDR Scheme Member and its customers is a contractual relationship. Only the two contractual parties have any right to discuss or make decisions in relation to the contract. The NZ Telecommunications Forum Customer Complaints Code states that only customers of a Scheme Member can make a complaint to TDR. 
There might be a situation when the person making a complaint is an employee of the account holder. TDR is also able to consider complaints from a business with less than 20 full time employees. A person authorised by the business may make the complaint. It might be the business owner or an employee who makes the complaint.  
TDR is not able to consider complaints brought by a lawyer on behalf of a customer. The Customer Complaints Code prohibits the use of lawyers in the complaints process. However, a customer may give their consent to make the complaint on their behalf. Usually it is a partner or family member who does this. TDR will usually accept a complaint in these circumstances. Remember to get the account holder to give written consent for you to act as their representative for the complaint.