Caller Numbers and Results, Jan 09 - Mar 09

Thursday, June 25, 2009

People Calling TDR - 433

In the first quarter of 2009, a total of 433 calls were received by TDR.

Of that number:

205 calls (47%) were able to be helped by TDR. The majority of these calls related to billing, faults and customer service issues.
228 calls (53%) were referred back to the caller's telecommunication company. More than half of these people had not contacted their company to make the initial complaint. TDR can only become involved in a dispute once the customer has been through their telecommunication company’s complaint process. Of these calls, 24 (11%) were from people whose telecommunication company is not part of the TDR scheme.

Total Complaints Resolved for the period: 200

TDR resolved 200 complaints for the three-month period. This number is made up of a combination of new complaints that were received between January and March of 2009, and older complaints that were already going through the TDR process. Of the 200 resolutions, 185 (93%) were resolved at Level One, which is the first stage of the TDR process.

A Level One complaint means:

  • The customer has contacted TDR
  • TDR is able to help the customer based on these criteria;
    - The telecommunication company is a member of the TDR scheme
    - The customer has already been through the telecommunication company’s complaint process
    - TDR have contacted the telecommunication company to confirm the complaint details and notify the company that TDR are taking on the complaint.