Recurring Issues

Water damaged phones

Several complaints have been received about water damaged phones.

The typical scenario is that a customer discovers a fault with the phone which needs to be examined by a technician and the diagnosis is water damage, which cannot be repaired. Customers are usually puzzled by this, saying that they are certain the phones have never been exposed to water. Because water damage is excluded from the warranty, customers are charged for the inspection and have to purchase a new phone. This usually occurs during the term of a contract, so that if these customers want to terminate the contract they incur a penalty fee.

It appears that the metal components of mobile phones are susceptible to rust damage, making the phones unworkable. However, it does not require putting phones through washing machine cycles or dropping them in the bath to cause the damage. It seems that exposure to moisture of any kind can damage the components.

Customers are therefore advised to protect their phones from moisture at all times. TDR also advises providers to do more to make customers aware of the need to protect the fragile internal components of their phones against exposure to moisture, especially because the damage is not covered under warranty.