Recurring Issues

Fibre connection delays

TDR is receiving increasing numbers of complaints about delays in the connection of fibre services. 
The typical complaint is that the scheme member signs the customer up to the fibre service with an indicative commencement date. This dates passes with no service being connected, and eventually the lapse of time brings the customer to the TDR.

It appears that the scheme members rely on connection dates provided by the fibre installation companies. The installation companies do not then complete the work on time. There may be other causes.

This graph depicts the complaint numbers relating to fibre installation delay since 1 July 2015:

The complaints thus far involve seven scheme members, so this is an industry-wide issue. 

Our advice to Scheme members is not give undertakings regarding the connection date if they are unable to ensure that the service will be provided on the stipulated date. They should avoid creating expectations that might not be met.

Customers should ask their providers to ensure that the installation goes ahead on the given date. If they cannot get that assurance, they should anticipate the possibility of delays