Common Complaint - Customer Service

Customer service issues

Summary of the issue

A customer may bring a complaint to TDR regarding a perceived failing of customer service on the Scheme Member's behalf. This may include a representative providing incorrect information, being rude or discourteous, or failing to respond to a complaint within a reasonable period of time.

Usual positions of the parties

When a customer service complaint is brought to the TDR the customer will typically point to a specific instance or instances of perceived failings in service from the Scheme Member. The Scheme Member may either acknowledge or dispute any alleged service failing. If the complaint is disputed, the Scheme Member will often provide evidence or an explanation supporting its position.

TDR's view of the issue

TDR will typically require the parties to provide specific details regarding the history of the customer service issue. This may include any evidence, such as copies or correspondence or electronic records such as call logs, or telephone call recordings. Any complaint must be in relation to specific events, rather than a general sense of dissatisfaction.

The NZ Telecommunications Forum Customer Complaints Code (the Code), requires that Scheme Members:

  • Treat customers with respect and in a fair and courteous manner at all times
  • Provide information which is up to date, accurate and in plain english
  • Be clear in communications, and to deliver on promises in a reasonable and timely manner
  • Make relevant terms and conditions available to customers.

Customer service complaints to TDR will be considered in light of the above requirements.

TDR also expects, in line with the requirements of the Code, that Scheme Members provide their customers with a complaints handling process that is visible, accessible and responsive. TDR will be careful to distinguish between a customer's concern regarding customer service, and service received (such as for example network or hardware performance). When considering a complaint relating to customer service issues, TDR will also consider the conduct of the customer toward the Scheme Member.