Case Studies - Customer Service

TDR Case Note T013992


End of account, frivolous or vexatious complaint


The Customers, a husband and wife, moved from one provider to another, and the complaint related to the initial provider.

The Customer's accounts were closed and ported to the new provider after the billing month closed. Invoices were sent to the Customers for the elapsed portion of the billing month.

There was some confussion about credit remaining on the account and one outstanding invoice of $55 for one account. The invoice of $55 was paid however the Customer submits that this was an overpayment and that both accounts were overpaid by $55 each. The Provider accepted there was $53.27 owing to the two accounts and had agreed to refund that amount.

The Customer sought a refund of $110, an apology and confirmation of account closure and compensation of $250.

Adjudicator's decision

This complaint was settled by adjudication as the Adjudicator felt the matter was unsuitable to be taken to mediation.

The Provider submitted that the complaint was frivolous however the Adjudicator decided there was some money owed by the provider to the Customer. The invoices show that there is a credit of $1.82 owing on one account and $51.45 showing that the provider had correctly assessed the credit owing.

TDR confirmed it cannot make compensation awards for inconvenience and mental distress under clause 3.8 (d).

Final outcome

The complaint was dismissed.