Case Studies - Customer Service

TDR Case Note T012900 (2015)


The Customer lost connection to his landline was without his connection from Tuesday to Sunday when Chorus attended his property to reconnect his line to the network. The fault had affected a reported 1,000 customers. The Customer’s complaint to TDR was that the Provider’s representative had “hung up” when he phoned and had promised to call him back but did not.

Adjudicator’s decision

After considering the complaint the Adjudicator held as follows:

  1. The Customer had not provided evidence the Provider’s representative had hung up on the Customer.
  2. The Adjudicator had listened to the two call recordings from the day of the lost connection and found no evidence that the representative ended the call abruptly.
  3. The Adjudicator found there was evidence of at least one occasion where there had been a failed promise to phone the Customer back. It was found that he was not kept fully informed and undertakings made to him were not fulfilled which amount to a breach of 7.1 (c) of the Customers Complaints Code.
  4. The Adjudicator looked at the settlement offer made by the Provider and considered it to be a fair offer. He therefore awarded that amount to the Customer.