Case Studies - Customer Service - Billing (including roaming)

TDR Case Note T013335


The Provider submitted that the Customer had a debt of $270, which incurred additional fees after being referred to a debt collection agency. The debt was referred after the Customer failed to meet payments under an agreed payment plan and failed to return modems in supplied courier bags provided multiple times from January – May 2013.

The Customer accepted liability for a debt of $232.21, the amount stated by the Provider in the written response to the complaint. The Customer did think she should pay for the fees associated with the debt collection, which the Provider had to pay whether the debt was recovered by the agency or not.

The credits to the Customer’s accounts were applied on the 12th of August and not after the complaint was lodged as thought by the Customer.

The Customer complained about the Customer service she received from the Provider.

Adjudicator’s decision

The Adjudicator held in favour of the Provider, finding that the Provider was justified in referring the debt to a collection agency when no payment was made.

The Adjudicator noted that providers are required by the Code to treat Customers with respect, but made no adverse finding in relation to Customer services issues.

The Adjudicator did find that the Provider delayed too long in applying adjustments to the account (6 months from termination to application), however the Customer was also slow in returning the modems and the Adjudicator made no orders in relation to this.

Final outcome

The complaint was dismissed.