Case Studies - Customer Service - Billing (including roaming)

Premimum rate 0900 charges

When a residential customer received his monthly phone bill he was surprised to see charges totalling $220.01 for calls to a Premium Rate 0900 number.

It appeared that the calls had been made in the very early hours one Saturday morning. Neither the customer nor his partner could recall having made any calls to the 0900 number and certainly not at that time of day.  The customer contacted his provider.

On checking its records the provider maintained that the calls were definately made from the customer's home telephone line.  The provider stated that under the terms of the contract the customer was responsible for all calls made and therefore the full charges would stand.

Unhappy with this response, the customer contacted TDR, who asked him to provide full details of his complaint in writing.  TDR passed these on to his provider together with a request to give a written account of its side of the argument.  The provider responded with a detailed technical report.  Although the provider could not confirm who made the calls, it was able to confirm that the calls were made from the customer's home telephone line.

As a gesture of goodwill the provider at this stage offered to reduce the disputed amount by half.  While the customer maintained that he did not make the calls, he decided to accept the provider's goodwill offer and the case was closed.