Case Studies - Billing (including roaming)

TDR Case Note T013497


The Customer had been with the provider since 1998, and has been invoiced monthly since then. In 2012 the Customer moved to Australia. He did not cancel his contract and instead opted to remove the phone line from the wall in order to 'disconnect' from the service. The service continued to be provided and invoiced accordingly.

On moving to Australia the Customer did not provide a forwarding address and had his mail forwarded through his own methods. The Customer submits that he did not receive his monthly invoice, however he did receive a letter from the Provider's debt collection agency. The Provider was seeking to recover the invoice cost and the cost of recovery.

Adjudicator's decision

This complaint was settled by adjudication as the Adjudicator felt the matter was unsuitable to be taken to mediation.

The Adjudicator found that the Customer was liable for the invocies presented, and any costs in recovery of the debt. The Customer is liable for payment for services received. That is provided for both under the contract between the parties, and the law in general.

Final outcome

The complaint was dismissed.