About TDR

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Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) was established as an independent body for the prompt, unbiased resolution of disputes. Telecommunications companies can become members, and their customers can use the service.

TDR was set up by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF), whose members provide service to 95% of telecommunications consumers in New Zealand.

The purpose of the TCF is to actively foster cooperation among the telecommunications industry to enable the efficient provision of regulated and non-regulated telecommunications services.

The Forum developed the Customer Complaints Code and the Terms of Reference that are the basis of the TDR service.

In July 2007 Dispute Resolution Services Ltd (now FairWay Resolution Limited) was appointed as the Scheme Agent to set up and manage Telecommunications Dispute Resolution.

FairWay Resolution Limited (Fair Way) is an independent, employee-owned company providing specialist conflict management and dispute resolution services. Fair Way employs around 100 staff and contracts with around 110 specialist reviewers and dispute resolution practitioners throughout New Zealand. FairWay handles over 14,000 disputes each year — of all kinds and levels of complexity, including medical, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, family, local government and construction disputes. Our dispute resolution experience underpins our conflict management expertise in all parts of the conflict management cycle — prevention, management, resolution and analysis of conflict. Fair Way has offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. For more information, please visit their website.



Position statements 

TDR receives lots of complaints with common themes. TDR has position statements about these common complaint types that show how TDR is likely to respond.


Recurring Issues

One of the aims of TDR is to identify recurring issues that affect the majority of the telecommunication companies and their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Scan through our helpful FAQs to quickly see what TDR can or can't help with.


Case Studies

The following case studies are based on actual complaints received by TDR. They provide a good cross-section of the types of complaints TDR can help with.